Friday, January 30, 2009

Finally Friday - on Friday Flea Market!!

Hello all. I don't know how much time I will have to keep up with this. You would think I would have had a blog long ago. I feel I have been on the web forever by now! :)

But the truth of it all is, reading instructions is like reading a different language to me. I just get so confused. I would much rather be working in my "workshop" or moving things around in my store, or even playing house in my own home.

I do love decorating. I do love painting things. And I do love looking at everyone's sites, blogs and ads in magazines.

To start this blog I will try hard to keep a theme going. (yea right, wish me luck on this)

I have my favorite magazines. My most fave is "Romantic Country". I have issue #98 - Dream Rooms" open to page 35 on my coffee table. I can't quit looking at that kitchen!!! I have my Fiance' on the lookout for a table (or old wood so I can make one) for my kitchen. I MUST have that table!!! It is an article on Patti Silverman. She also has been in Country Living and you can visit it online at

Picture 7 shows the table. But in Romantic Country magazine the table is in full view - OMG! Did I mention that I MUST have that table??!!!

Another item I will be working on is this "Garden Conservatory" I built out of old windows and an odd end table. My fiance' calls it a "Garden Santuary". I thought that was so cute. What are your takes on it, what do you think it should be called?

I so long for Spring. I want to force it into existence.

What I plan to do is put a glass shelf in the center and a tiny pendant chandelier hanging inside also. I have to find just the right one.
I think it will be a darling place to start seedlings, or put my most fragile plants and garden statues.
I will be in touch soon. And I will try to take pics of what it is looking like as I make the changes.

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