Saturday, January 31, 2009

mantle and black chair

No Comment, just wanted to show you how pretty it is going to be (when I get it done:)

Black Toile & Hot Pink Valentines

So I found this chair at The Goodwill. Oh it was so beautiful!! I could just picture working on it. But they wanted $175!!!! I couldn't believe it. It was beautiful, but it wasn't that beautiful! So I passed on it.
The next weekend I went back and it had been marked down to $75!!! Wow! I still counldn't get it.

Well a dear friend of mine came in my shop one day and told me that everything had been marked down. So we jumped in her son's old Ford Pickup and raced over there. The entire way I was literally praying, "Dear God, you know how much I loved that chair and those other chairs. Please let them still be there. Please Lord, you know I could make them so beautiful." So, Normie and I get there and we rushed in straight to the furniture area and lo and behold, the chairs were still there! And the best part of it all is that the black chair was only $20 now and the beautiful little dining room chairs were only $2.50 each!! I couldn't believe it! Me and Normie drug them all up front to the register as fast as we could. I was so excited to get started on it, I was at The Cherry Pit Fabric Store the next day buying my materials for it. I am replacing the beige woven fabric and green trim with black and cream toile, black lace and hot pink pillows. I think it will be the center attraction at the store (until someone purchases it). I will post it's after pictures soon.

So here they are before:

Friday, January 30, 2009

Finally Friday - on Friday Flea Market!!

Hello all. I don't know how much time I will have to keep up with this. You would think I would have had a blog long ago. I feel I have been on the web forever by now! :)

But the truth of it all is, reading instructions is like reading a different language to me. I just get so confused. I would much rather be working in my "workshop" or moving things around in my store, or even playing house in my own home.

I do love decorating. I do love painting things. And I do love looking at everyone's sites, blogs and ads in magazines.

To start this blog I will try hard to keep a theme going. (yea right, wish me luck on this)

I have my favorite magazines. My most fave is "Romantic Country". I have issue #98 - Dream Rooms" open to page 35 on my coffee table. I can't quit looking at that kitchen!!! I have my Fiance' on the lookout for a table (or old wood so I can make one) for my kitchen. I MUST have that table!!! It is an article on Patti Silverman. She also has been in Country Living and you can visit it online at

Picture 7 shows the table. But in Romantic Country magazine the table is in full view - OMG! Did I mention that I MUST have that table??!!!

Another item I will be working on is this "Garden Conservatory" I built out of old windows and an odd end table. My fiance' calls it a "Garden Santuary". I thought that was so cute. What are your takes on it, what do you think it should be called?

I so long for Spring. I want to force it into existence.

What I plan to do is put a glass shelf in the center and a tiny pendant chandelier hanging inside also. I have to find just the right one.
I think it will be a darling place to start seedlings, or put my most fragile plants and garden statues.
I will be in touch soon. And I will try to take pics of what it is looking like as I make the changes.